Things we do NOT do at Foster Investment Services

1. We do NOT charge or get paid commissions of any kind. We make nothing off of the buying or selling of investments in our clients’ accounts. The only fee we receive is our investment management fee. This fee is charged as a percentage of the total assets in the client’s account. The only way our fee goes up is if our client’s account balance goes up. If their account balance goes down, our fee goes down.

2. We do NOT recommend annuities to our clients. Annuities tend to have very high fees and withdrawal charges. Annuities tend to be a high commission type of investment.

3. We do NOT use “alternative investments”, limited partnerships, non-publicly traded real estate investment trusts, options strategies, and complex “trading strategies” for our clients. These investments tend to have high fees/commissions associated with them. These investments usually tend to have very poor returns in reality.

4. We do NOT use investments with high fee levels associated with them. High fees negatively affect our clients’ returns.

5. We do NOT gamble with our clients’ money. We use time tested prudent investment strategies.

6. We do NOT give people the “hard sell.” We want our clients to be comfortable with the whole experience.

Some things we DO at Foster Investment Services.

1. We operate with our clients’ best interests as our only goal. Legally, we operate in the capacity as a “Fiduciary” for our clients. That means legally, we must act with our clients’ best interests in mind. We owe our clients the duties of Good Faith and Trust.

2. We have a laser like focus on reducing the cost of investing for our clients. We feel this is the most proven way of increasing performance for our clients. Better performance means more money for our clients.

We work to reduce the cost of investing in two areas:

A. The investment management fees that Foster Investment Services charges are substantially lower that the normal fees charged locally and nationally. Our goal is to continue to lower our fees as our business grows. We focus on reducing our business costs so that we can reduce our fees.

B. We focus on using very low cost investments for our clients. We like mutual funds/ETFs with very low expense ratios. We try to reduce the number of trades in our clients’ account to reduce their transaction costs.

Remember: You can’t control the returns of the markets, but you can control your cost of investing!

3. We use time tested investment strategies for our clients.