Investment Strategy

We are focused on investing in securities that will provide a rising stream of income to our clients while keeping the cost of investing as low as possible.

  • We invest with a long-term time horizon.
  • We invest, we don’t speculate.
  • We work to minimize trading costs and the overall cost of investing for our clients.

We focus on the following three main areas of investing:

  • Individual Stocks¬†– We search for good businesses with sustainable models with strong histories of dividend growth, and with a history of returning profits to their owners.
  • Mutual Funds/Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – We focus on passive index funds and active management funds to provide diversification for asset allocation purposes. We are very focused on using mutual funds and ETFs with low expenses.
  • Bonds/Fixed Income – We focus on Individual Fixed Income Securities including Certificates of Deposit (CDs), US Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, and KY Tax Free Bonds along with Bond Mutual Funds to provide income and stability for our clients. We use proven bond management strategies to provide safety of principal and improved interest income.